The Christmas Letter 1994


Here we are at the time of memories, again!  While this year brought us some sadness, there are many good years to remember from those we loved and now miss.  They will enjoy "watching" us make new memories as well as reflect on the old ones.


This has been a year of "removals".  Just recently we've had an old floor replaced by a beautiful blue marble-look, our old phone and answering machine has been removed and replaced by better stuff, and early in the Spring we removed our massive "Spiney Greek" tree to replace it with a type of poplar - for the purpose of shade, birds, and "rustling noises".  The other thing that was removed and not replaced was Samuel's appendix.  Of course, the good memories from that are the "getting better" parts!


Oh yes, speaking of removals, how could we forget that we almost got "removed" to Montreal!  That was our excitement for the winter; even though it didn't happen, it was fun thinking it was going to.  At least, it was fun for Mom and Dad, but God granted Sam's Sunday School prayer request, that time.


The other thing that characterizes this year is that we may remember it as "the year we read the Little House books".  We've truly enjoyed Laura Ingalls Wilder's accounts of pioneer life, and it is recommended that adults venture into the children's section of the library and discover this series for themselves.  Mom's favourite was "Farmer Boy" - reading about all that scrumptious food that was consumed every day, and they deserved it after all their hard work on the farm.  But Almonzo, who was the youngest (5), had to wait 'til everyone else was served before it was his turn!


Of course, its from "Little House in the Big Woods" that Sam got the idea for venison when we hit that deer back in May.  (No, we didn't keep it.  And thank God for insurance once again - over $1,000 damage.)


We had our usual summer camping fun, nowhere special this year except maybe Fort Henry, The Timmins Gold Mine, and Aunt Gaby & Uncle Ian's cottage lot.  Its hard to think about the summer when you're anxious to get started on Christmas advent activities!  Even that gives us nothing very new to talk about:  see last year's letter, and the year before, and the year before, etc.


We've already enjoyed Rej's birthday dinner at the Mandarin, a huge Chinese buffet restaurant including roast beef, onion rings and other such items on the menu.  This is a tradition that established itself with us sort of by mistake.  We never thought to go there any other time of year, and now it feels like Christmas every time we go there - so we only go at Christmas time!  Its a great way to kick off December.


We did that on the Friday, so on the actual birth date, Samuel was quite proud to sing Happy Birthday to his Dad with all the camping club gang at their annual party at the Heinzman House.



The Christmas Letter '94, con't.




Sam is kicking off his holidays with his birthday party, which will be an Adventure At the Farm, meaning our beloved Forsythe Farms where you feed the animals, get lost in corn mazes, jump in the hay, and for the winter - roast marshmallows over a

bonfire and enjoy hot apple cider.


Every year there is something new that Samuel has learned to do; this year he's been finding his way around much more independantly, and among other things, he has learned to type on the computer . . .


I am doing my part myself.  I like most all of grade 2, espeshlee math and soshl stodees.  I have a file on the computer at school.  I like Bill Nye the Science Guy on tv.  merry christmas!



The first gift-wrap was simple and plain,

A Special Mystery did it contain.

For years and years had been the wait,

The package small, the Mystery great.


At Christmas time the Mystery unfolds -

For its all wrapped up - in swaddling clothes!








                          and Samuel

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