Tidings Two Thousand


The Mom has been having a hard time getting started on The Letter this year, even trying to talk The Boy into starting it; so its high time The Cat took over!  Otherwise known as Dustie the Secret Cat – only The Family knows that there IS a real me, how loving I am, how easily I purr, and how comforting I can be when I curl up on top of a curled up human body.  When strangers come into the house I stay absolutely out of sight, but in this letter is the only place where The Secret Cat makes an “appearance” – it’s a special time of year, after all.



So what was so special about the much acclaimed “Year 2000”?  Things seemed to go on much the same as usual, from what I noticed anyway . . .

So there’s a little more buzzing & humming downstairs, now that EACH member of the family (except ME), has their own computer (laptops not included).  This happened with the acquisition of The Dad’s New One back in April.  Now if you go down to the basement in the middle of the night when all the lights are off, the place is lit up like a Christmas tree (with mini lights) including all the computers & stereos, etc.  SOME members of the family spend quite a lot of time down there, and sometimes I have to go down and remind them that they have a Cat!

What did make this year extremely interesting was my trip Out East with The Family in The Trailer.  Completely unintentionally, I did escape a few times, but was soon brought back to the so-called “safety” of the van or trailer.  (Still can’t understand why they wouldn’t let me stay in the trailer ALL the time – I could see it right there behind us; but no, they insisted I spend time in this awful “van” thing that was always MOVING.)  Other than that, our memories of the summer holidays are like most other people’s:  many gray days with the odd sunny day.



Of course, another thing that made this a memorable year was the explosion of growth hormones:  The Boy grew a whole FIVE  INCHES in just one year!  (He finally


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