Pictures, pictures, pictures . . .

Climb into your basket (or wherever), and get comfortable, since “Snap-Happy-The-Mom”, thinks that the best way to review this past year, is to take you on a tour of her computer’s picture files.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but we’ll get her to CONDENSE it a bit- mostly we’ll just tell you ABOUT the pictures. 


(We’ll pass right by that folder on her D-drive called “Roffey”, it just tells us that she has spent time with MANY scanned-in old pictures, helping her brother with his Family Tree project.  Those black & white photos with people trying not to smile and old cars in the    background may be fascinating, but we want to know about THIS year, not a HUNDRED years ago!)


So away we go into “My Pictures”, and in here we find a folder for each season.   In the winter folder (besides lots of scenic pictures which you may see in your Christmas cards) we find The Dad, trying out an “Audible Pedestrian Signal”.  The red noses tell you what a very cold day that was!


The Dad speaks . . .

The Audible Signals Committee has been exciting this year.  After a serious disagreement between the committee, the city of Toronto and the CNIB, the Committee resigned en masse.  I've never been involved in a revolt like that before.  It was over what we consider to be an unacceptable safety issue.  I hope it never gets to a Coroner’s inquest!

-Rej & Councillor Shiner testing Audible Pedestrian Signals 


Sam and I have been busy with the computers.  We have our own e-mail server and web server.  We are hosting a discussion about electronic text and trying to find ways of distributing our 7000 books to other blind people without getting caught and “doing time”.  Its a real shame, we have all these books that we are allowed to have but can't make them available to others.  The problem is, the publishers don't make books in electronic format available to them either.  We are looking at various file sharing mechanisms to use.  The more interesting aspect of this is that CNIB knows that we have the books.  We even gave them a list of what we have, however they wanted us to agree that these books were created in Canada.  We wouldn't assume the risk so they could be blameless, so we'll find a way of making it available ourselves.  They spend millions on a library system and I can do it with an old computer- hahaha!


                                                -Samuel teaching college kids computer stuff at IBM’s “Score Camp”

The Boy speaks . . .

I can tell how far away from Christmas I am simply by measuring the amount of things I have to do.  I must be getting pretty close!  With homework, helping to recover the old Christmas tapes and move them to the computer, Christmas shopping, keeping track of my book library, keeping my website up to date and moving it to the new server, writing for the Christmas letter, thinking about how it's getting close to time to write for the next DWV (district wide vision) newsletter, etc, etc, I'm keeping myself pretty busy.  It'll sure be nice when the Holidays come and we all get a chance to sit back, relax, and pick up ten or twelve books.  For those of you who don't read nearly as much as I do and don't have a "want to read" list so long it could fill up six or seven pages, here are some recommendations:


The Hidden Realms, by Sharon Green: a fantastic love story about a prince and a sorceress and how they came to love one another.  This book is kind of predictable, and if you're like me you'll have figured out most of the ending half way through the book.  It's still a fun read though. 

On a Pale Horse, by Piers Anthony: A creative fantasy about the incarnation of death.  This is an extremely good read and is highly recommended.  If you enjoy this, you may want to consider the other six books in the Incarnations of Immortality Series, although this is by far the best one. 

Another Fine Myth, by Robert Asprin: The first in a series of humorous fantasies who's titles include Myth Directions, Hit or Myth, Myth Nomers And Im Pervections, Myth Inc Link, and much worse.  If you can read the titles without feeling slightly sick, you might enjoy the books. 


That should be enough to get you started on some relaxing and extremely unproductive Christmas Holiday reading.  Have a restful and pleasant Christmas! 


Picture folders continued . . .

The spring folder reminds us about the camping club’s May Rally, where our club all donned red flowers and red & white aprons, and chipped in to provide a spaghetti dinner for all the other clubs, complete with posters from Italy for atmosphere. 


Oh boy- when you go into the summer folder, you sense that here is where this family really “comes out of hibernation”- there are four folders WITHIN the summer folder!  Just looking at the names of the folders tells you the story: 


Summertime is Familytime (or “family-and-friends” time) . . .

  • “Hearst”- where we visited The Dad’s family and enjoyed more than one cruise (including a scenic evening one) on oncle Gerry and tante Nicole’s pontoon boat; 


  • PartyKingston- where we got together with The Mom’s family, noted how all the kids had grown, and tried to keep Sam straight on who was whose sister or whose mother, etc.;


  • Hershey Gardens- where we just got together with each other!  The Dad had to go to Harrisburg on a business trip, so we all enjoyed a week’s stay in a hotel…. where they had internet hookup!  But this was a pleasant change from camping at our membership campground at Niagara Falls, where we did enjoy 2 weeks this summer… including some wonderful dinners and campfires with old friends from Hearst who now live in Niagara Falls (not “old”- a YOUNG couple… with 2 teenage kids.)

  • “Glenda”- speaking of old friends- The Mom’s ‘bosom buddy’ from high school, and from their first apartment and first jobs together at a nursing home; they found each other again after 10 whole years, and it was as if no time had passed- except for the grown kids, of course!


Fall . . .

The Fall folder has almost as many pictures as the summer one, but they were all taken in one day- the colours here are not in the way of characters, but in scenery!  But before this Fall is through, there are some pretty major events coming:  please address all sympathy cards to “Rej Proulx”, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary at IBM, and not to tell, but to think that with his birthday fast approaching, one can say that he has spent -HALF OF HIS LIFE- at IBM!!


And while Rej gets a dinner, Samuel gets a breakfast:  he has just received his invitation to his high school’s Honour Roll Breakfast, which is taking place two days after the 25th Anniversary dinner!  Congratulations to both -hard workers-!  Lest you ever think the sacrifice isn’t worth it, our closing quote (from Max Lucado) could be dedicated to you…






The omnipotent, in one instant, made himself breakable.

He who had been spirit became pierceable.

He who was larger than the universe became an embryo.

And he who sustains the world with a word chose to be dependent upon the nourishment of a young girl.


Merry Christmas